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Jerry Payne, with his son Jake, talks about the 160-acre grass field that they plan to establish a bird preserve and hunting range for pheasants and chukars at the family's Parma farm in the video on this page. We are a 3 generation farming family. Our farm is 1000 acres and we grow wheat, beans, onion, corn and a variety of various seed crops. 

Jerry Payne started shooting sporting clay about 4 years ago and frequently travels to Arizona, Nevada and Washington. One day after hunting a bird preserve in South Dakota Jerry asked his wife about starting a bird preserve in Idaho. Jerry's wife said, sounds good to me, "I have always wanted to start a bed and breakfast," so she had it a little wrong, it's a bird hunt and a lunch. So please come join us on a new adventure in the great potato state of America, the great state of Idaho.

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